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Useful search engines you should know about

As soon as you start your journey at the university, you become an independent researcher. You must be searching all the time for extra knowledge, and extra support to study for your exams, the preparation of your research paper, and thesis. For this you must be aware many search engines are available, to provide and gather rich and credible research sources.

  • Refseek : An academic resource search which offers you the opportunity to find answers to your questions, a set of current information about one or multiple topics, calculating tools, dictionaries, translating tools, educational videos, in addition to many other helpful sources that would facilitate learner’s and student seeking  for information .


  • Springer: Springer gives you access to more than 2, 900 journals, 300 000 books, numerous scientific documents, research protocols, and over 10 million scientific documents.


  • Bioline: An online library providing open access to quality research journals published in developing countries with the goal of helping to reduce the global knowledge divide by making bioscience information generated in these countries available to the international research community world-wide.


  • Base Search: One of the world’s most voluminous search engines especially for academic web resources. It provides more than 240 million documents with an open free access to 60% of it.


  • EThOS: The British Library, which demonstrates the quality of UK research by providing the maximum of visibility and availability of the UK’s doctoral research theses. The provided doctoral theses are awarded by UK Higher Education institutions.


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