Why Study in Japan?

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         If you are reading this article, you are then probably thinking of the possibility to go and study in Japan. Well, that is definitely one of the best choices when it comes to studying abroad. Japan is known to be one of international’s students best destination for the high educational standards it has, and it is often ranking in top 10 countries for Quality of Education. It is also mostly known for technology and business-related studies , but gives an immense importance to arts programs , cultural studies , and much more study fields  .In addition , tuition fees are comparatively cheap in Japan , and scholarships for international students are available in both public , and private organizations.

          If you are an English language speaker, you can easily find a job in Japan as a part time job, or full time job after graduation, and this for the high demand for English speakers, noting that the demand is higher when it comes to bilinguals, who are also able to speak Japanese. If you are considering going to Japan to continue studying there, you might need to consider learning the language, which will be a good plus for you. A plus that will allow you to integrate better into society and find many more opportunities.

       The Japanese culture is one of the most attractive elements for students to select Japan as their study abroad destination. A culture which spreads from historical temples like Kinkakuji in Kyoto, Hokokuji Temple in Kamakura , or Shitennoji in Osaka ,to modern and futuristic locations such as the Robot Restaurant in Tokyo, Miraikan the Future Museum,or even Capsule Hotels . Of course, if you are a manga and video games fan, you will enjoy your stay there for sure. Some Japanese cities are leading cities in arts and fashion as well; others are best locations for natural wildness beauty, and much more to make you mesmerized while discovering it.

          Japan is also known to be one of the safest countries in the world, a country of clean spaces, and a good health care system. Besides that, if you are a food fan, then you probably know that Japan has an exceptional variety of foods, and dishes. Food is easily accessible, and affordable.  In addition, Japan simply provides a quality life and total comfort. We take the simplest example of that, which is the toilets seats equipped with warmers and bathrooms that plays music. We should not forget to mention what makes Japan even much better, the kindness that is part of the Japanese culture. For this, you will be living in a kind, clean, safe, and comfortable environment.

        Therefore, about the education in Japan, Japan actually has 184 universities in the overall Times Higher Education World University Rankings. Tokyo University wins the title of the highest-ranking university in Japan, and is ranked 35th. According to the QS World Universities Rankings, many Japanese Universities are ranked as Top 100 on the QS World University Rankings 2021. The University of Tokyo is ranked 24th globally, Kyoto University as 38th, Tokyo Institute of Technology as 56th, and many other universities marked their presence on the ranking.

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