Use your YOUTH in your favor .

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        We are sharing this article today with you to celebrate the Youth International Day!  Happy celebration to all the youth of the globe. How have you been spending your youthful years so far? If you think you have wasted a lot of your age on non-beneficial things, then you are reading the right article, and it is time for you to wake up, and start investing your time properly.

          Someone who I do not remember who he was exactly! He once said, that he cannot recruit people who all they did in their life was to study! Take a moment to reflect on this! Ask yourself about the hard and soft skills, which you are learning at the university.  Except your studies, what is the knowledge you are acquiring? Most importantly, after you graduate will you be ready to chase a job, or you will feel less competent, less motivated, and with no enough of self-confidence?   

           The solution is for you to put yourself into the field, to get involved, be active and learn by doing! One of the best ways to do that is to join national or international organizations, universities clubs, and associations of your city and country. Your participation with these initiatives will not only help you grow, but it will also help you be an effective individual in the society.

           Volunteering , or working with organizations , clubs, and associations will push you have a boost of self-confidence that will encourage you to step up and achieve more goals , which you usually push back due to your anxiety or lack of self-confidence .

            It will also build your network! Since you will get to know many people, and this will increase your social relationship skills! In addition, those people we meet in such initiatives are generally the ones we learn a lot from, and those are the ones who spread positivity, and encourage you give the best of yourself.

          You will surely shift from a person with a lot of free time to a person with a lot to do! A person who will chase time management courses in order to be able to manage his schedule. This all by learning by doing, getting experiences that could even be related to your study field! Of course, all the things you will learn, and the network you will build is a plus for your future career because it reinforces your job skills, and makes you a motivated, hard worker profile.

         We mention through this article some well-known youth-led organizations in Africa. We, through this article thank, and are proud of these youth-led organizations for their great achievements striving to change the world positively:

  •  IYF SA: International Youth Fellowship South Africa: IYF helps young people transcend their limitations so they can establish strong spiritual roots and set a solid foundation for leadership. 
  • OA Youth: The Organization of African Youth is an empowerment vehicule , an umbrella organization and a revolutionary movement for all youth in Africa .
  • Afrika Youth Movement: is pan-African oriented social movement that strives for the development, active participation and leadership of African Youth to fulfill for peace and social justice. 
  • Connect NordAfrica: An independent non – profit educational organization that uses intercultural virtual and offline debate methodologies to provide youth from Nord Africa with the space and the skills to debate and design policies with peers from the region Africa, and beyond.
  • AIESEC: The world’s  largest leading youth leadership development organization developing the potential of young people across 111 countries and territories.

         This was only a small sample of the opportunities you can find around you, without counting in club and organization that is part of each university in each African Country, nor all the global Organizations. Look around you and get involved! If you are not ready to be an active member yet, then at least try to follow the news and the activities of different initiatives as a start. This will give you the opportunity to benefit from sessions, projects, workshops, scholarships, and a lot more. Have a great celebration and REMEMBER not to waste YOUR YOUTH.

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  1. AntoniohoarK says

    Moreover, young people are recognized as agents of change, entrusted with fulfilling their own potential and ensuring a world fit for future generations. While all the Sustainable Development Goals are critical to youth development, the realization of targets in areas of education and employment are underlined by the latest edition of the World Youth Report as fundamental to overall youth development. Youth and SDG 4: Quality Education Education is a fundamental right for youth everywhere.

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