Fear No More The Study Major Selection .

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       Selecting a study major might be one of the most overwhelming processes that a student can go through during his study path. Making a choice is not as easy as it sounds! Not for everyone at least.

        Your study major plays an important role on your future career path, and it will take much of your lifetime that is dedicated to learning.  This is why, it is important to also take time to research, and ask about the different majors in order to find your best fit based on your capacities, and interests. For9a is providing online sessions for 120$ to help you review your personality test results , and get to figure out your abilities so that they can guide you later to the ideal variety of universities and training centers where you can study the best major for you .

       Note that the counselors that you will get to connect with during the several sessions designed guide you by For9a are renowned career counselors with many years of experience in the field. You can book for the sessions at: https://www.for9a.com/en/counseling/Choosing-a-college-vocational-major

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