Brave Hearts Only: Could You Choose Paranormal Studies?

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        Have you ever been captured by the supernatural world! You might have fallen in love with the witches stories at a young age instead of the Disney princess, or the super heroes! Well if you ever felt interested into the paranormal world, you are then reading the right article. You surely need to know that what interests you is more than just scary stories and the secret behind scary movies, but way more!

       You can in fact study Parapsychology! It goes back to 1930, and it begun at Duke.  Nowadays according to Times Higher Education website, Parapsychology courses are offered at the University of Edinburgh. The courses of the parapsychology aims to investigate the origins of the paranormal world and the relation of it with the human world. The University of Edinburgh is actually ranked 30th according World University Rankings 2021, 36th according to the Impact Rankings 2021, and 31st according to World Reputation Rankings 2020.

      Other universities are known for offering such courses such as in The University of Queensland in Australia where the course titled: “History of the Supernatural ” explores the world of the supernatural and paranormal from both historical and contemporary perspectives. The university is ranked 62nd according to THE World University Ranking 2021 and 4th in Australia.

       Different schools and universities shed light on Supernatural Classes as part of history or literature such as Rutgers the School of Arts and Sciences where they teach history of witchcrafts and magic. The school sees that the magic has played an important role into history! By changing a lot in society, economic, and a lot more… For this, the courses are designed to investigate supernatural beliefs in ancient, medieval, early modern and modern Europe and America, and also survey beliefs and practices around the globe. 

      Community Colleges are also known for paranormal education, and especially the one related to ghosts such as in:  North Carolina, Alamance Community College where the course on top of the list is paranormal and it makes the branding of the school! The goal of the course is to investigate and understand ghosts, paranormal experiences and phenomenon and report on ghost sightings and haunted location.

       Methods of studying such a field are exploratory and all about investigations, and not only to know about the past, but most courses aims to keep an eye on the current paranormal phenomenon.


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