The One-to-One MBA Virtual Event.

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     If you live in Marocco,Tunisia,Egypt,or Algeria ! This should be a good news for you. You, as a resident into these regions, you can actually subscribe to the event that Access MBA launched “The One-to-One MBA Event.” The event will be on Saturday 28/08/21. The agenda of the event will start by the virtual check-in at 10:00. The agenda will then proceed with the Fullbright webinar “opportunities of Scholarships for the USA”.

      After Fullbright you will also get the chance to attend a fruitful webinar titled: Career: become the actor of your professional path.  (Carrière: devenez acteur de votre parcours professional).  Yasmine Zouaghi Nait Kaci, the Head of assessment and HR consulting department within e-talent Solution and Yasmine Hadj Ahmed , the Communication Manager within  Emploitic. Both will be animating the webinar. The event will the close at 14:10 after the individual appointments or duets videos, which starts from 10:55. Note that in order to join the event you need to subscribe online at

      Make sure you possess a C.V , or a Linkedin profile because it is a must , and for you to truly enjoy the event update your internet browser to its latest version , and check your network to make sure you have a good stable network the day of the event .

Source : Access MBA .

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