Italia: The Worth Trying Destination to Study Abroad.

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          Italy is one of the most visited countries in the world with 62million international visitors on 2018. Italians are also known to be good cook, especially when it comes to pizza and pasta since they invented the first modern pizza and they have been consuming pasta since the 4th century. Visitors or international residents are not only attracted to Italian food, but mainly to its natural and historical places. Over fifth of Italy is covered in hills and mountains; it contains over 1500 lakes, and numerous UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

        Uni-Italia Centre for the academic promotion and orientation of study in Italy mentioned on an E-Article that Italy is in the vanguard in every field of higher education, and especially design, architecture, applied sciences, and arts. Italy has 254 higher education institutions with 97,436 International Students on 2017/2018 according to the Ministry of Higher Education, Research and Innovation. The higher education programs in Italy are mostly taught in Italian language, but there also programs that are taught in English. There are public and private institutions in Italy where the quality of education is considered as high standards quality education. The fees of education in Italy remains low and affordable compared to other European countries. In addition, international students can benefit from different scholarships, or a grant given by universities, the university of foreign affairs, international cooperation, and by the Regional Bodies for the Right to Education. 

        International Students studying in Italy can have a residency permit of an up than 12 months period for them to search for a job around the country. This also works as a work permit so that if they wish to enhance a full-time or part-time empowerment in Italy after completing a master’s degree or a PHD, it will be possible. By the end, they might consider a work permit extension based on the job they acquired, and reside in Italy.

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