A Success Story of Two Young Algerians in the Business World.

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       A young Algerian from Tizi Ouzou, and his friend are launching their own brand of clothing (ecological jeans) in France. As fashion is jointly responsible, we tell you more about it on this business on this article.

       The world where we currently live is experiencing a great overconsumption of the population; the fashion industry holds the second place of the devastating and polluting industries, after the oil sector. Based on this Sofiane Rahmane and her friend decide to create a clothing brand SOBO which means “so beautiful” and “so organic” and all this from a polluting piece of clothing to make it resistant and ecological . These jeans are named the X789, which is characterized in three qualities: comfort, durability, ecological. To finance the project, these two geniuses launched crowd funding, which reached 262% of presales in just a few days, they could not have asked for a better start.

       The course of Sofiane is impressive.  After growing up in Kabylia, he finds himself in Alsace to make the BTS zone and realize his biggest dream despite the difficulties along the way and after a year of hardship. According to his testimony, “I am who I am today, thanks to my origins and my roots”.

 Original Article at: Dzair Daily.

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