Study Abroad in the U.S.A.

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        Students all over the world might have the American dream! That is to go and study abroad in the U.S.A. Over a million of international students go to the U.S.A to study .Why is then the U.S.A Education so appealing.

      The educational advisor at the U.S Embassy Ms. Zobida Tadj explains that the main reason is that the U.S.A is known for high standard universities with a high quality education, and that according to the QS world university ranking 2019 33 American Universities ranked among the top 100 globally. 

       Through the “U.S embassy Algiers YouTube channel “, the advisor also emphasizes on the quality of education at the U.S.A, and shares a testimonial of a student speaking about the general culture he acquired through his experience in an American university.  Xavier then mentions that the U.S universities offers you a unique opportunity to learn about different subjects with no limitations which can go from Science classes to Art classes , and all of it counts toward your credit to graduate.

       If you want to study in the U.S.A, then you need to be familiar with the Education USA programs. It provides help for African students, and the help is in a form of different exchange and scholarship opportunities with a great financial aid. In addition, in most countries the U.S.A Embassy promotes for the Scholarships, and programs through their official channels. You are also provided through their website with information of advising centers and advisors such Ms. Zobida Tadj for a better guidance.

To find the opportunities and further information check the original sources:

– U.S Embassy Algiers YouTube Channel.

– Education U.S.A website.

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