Netherlands: The Great Destination to Study Abroad.

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    You might have thought about a lot of destinations for studying abroad, like France, London, USA, and much more probably. Have you considered going to Netherlands? Many young people have interests to go to Netherlands to follow their studies, and they have all the good reasons to support their decision.

        The Netherlands is the world’s flower biggest exporter with an account of 90 of world’s total area of Tulip farms. It is also known with its bridges that equals more than twelve hundred bridges. In addition, if you love liquorice, then Netherlands is the place for you as the place where liquorice is mostly consumed. Besides that! In Netherlands, bicycles number is double of the inhabitant’s number.  You might also want to know this fact , which is that we owe the orange color of carrots to Netherlands, and it goes back to the age of The Prince of Orange, and the legendary stories says that they invented it to honor their royal family . Isn’t that an interesting destination?  

       What makes it more interesting for students is that approximately 2000 educational programs are taught in English with 95% of the inhabitants using English language to communicate. Now that English is the most spoken language worldwide, the communication will not be an issue for international students. The inhabitants are also known to be open-minded and welcoming, which makes Netherlands a safe place to live at.

        The quality of education in Netherlands is recognized globally. In addition, the educational program focuses on the development of students, and encourages them to acquire different skills. Considering the high standards previously mentioned, the study fees are not expensive compared to the U.K, or the U.S.A. It also offers numerous scholarship opportunities for international students. Students come to Netherlands from approximately 160 different country.

        Economy of Netherlands is ranked among the top 18 globally for its huge brands, companies, and for being a leading notion in different domains and practices. Therefore, the country seeks experts and preserves potentials. As an international student, you can start an “Orientation Year” in Netherlands after graduating to get a living permit, which allows you search for work opportunities, or to start your own business and then live there permanently.

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