Tips for Successful Professional Integration in Canada.

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After mentioning in one of our articles that the favorite destination for students is Quebec in Canada, it is therefore necessary to also mention professional integration in Canada, which is experiencing a significant migration of Africans.

      It is much better to explain the professional integration in Canada through a concrete example. According to Balaise Nengo Buata, the employment counselor at Collège Boréal, “The lack of information destroys a life”. Through her Webinar presented by Oasis the women center, the counselor therefore shared her experience as a once newcomer to Canada.

      She explains that it is necessary to learn English because knowing the language in Toronto for example is inevitable, and according to her, beginners in English must be reassured because the Anglophones in Canada are patient and encouraging.  

      According to Ms. Balaise Nengo Buata it is important for newcomers to Canada to keep positivity, to rub shoulders with positive people only while embracing Canada, and integrating into the society of their new countries. Given that, optimizing your professional network, discovering different points of view, and then practicing the language greatly helps to have more chances of employment.

      Ms. Buata also stressed that you have to be flexible, and above all, you have to know your skills and passions. Having self-awareness and being flexible allows you to have parallel career options because, according to the counselor, targeting your goals requires patience and flexibility. Therefore, having a plan B saves a lot.

      Ms. Buata the advisor also suggests volunteering as a way to get involved in Canada, knowing that volunteering is very well seen on a CV as a mark of involvement. In addition, as in every culture, society, and environment, people and lifestyles are different. Some people can experience culture shock or even feel homesick … Ms. Buata reassures “When you get involved, when you smile, you learn all that and it comes quickly”.

Original Article at: Le Métropolitain.

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